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Custom Services

Bench Seat Cushions: Ready to cozy up on that perfect bench seat? Let us make the perfect made-to-measure cushion for you!

Drapery: Drapery can act as the focal point of a room or as a finishing touch. It can soften a space, add texture, provide privacy, block sunlight, reduce echoing, and act as an added layer to help with thermal and noise reduction.

Valances: Valances are non-functioning shades. They neither open nor close and are simply a decorative Roman Shade option.

Patio Cushion Refresh: Ready to refresh your outdoor living space? This is a custom service to recover existing patio cushions or toss the foam and start from scratch. Whether it's providing Zen in a backyard oasis or making a statement to compete with the neighbours, our outdoor colour palette will not disappoint.

Tavares Designs proudly uses Sunbrella products.

Slip Covers: Whether you are looking to change up the look of your room seasonally or your piece of furniture is ready for a modern update, a slipcover may be your perfect solution.

Upholstery: Love your furniture again with a modern update. Our upholstery service allows you to customize or modernize any piece of furniture to your personal style. 

Alongside Pax X Tavares Designs: This bundle service is designed to tackle pre-existing furniture pieces you may have in your home or acquire. Vintage, antique or used pieces are welcomed, as our services offer both upholstery and furniture restoration. If your furniture piece(s) require new foam, microfibre, fresh fabric, a complete sanding, paint, stain or sealing, we do it all. We will not only reclaim the life of your pre-existing pieces, but we will work with you through the entire redesign process. We are able to source all fabric options, paint and stain options. This service is truly the custom experience you and your previously loved furniture pieces need! 

Mend and Repair: For your items that maybe in need of some sewing assistance. Please note that repairs are subject to review and approval.

 Let us help you bring your ideas to life! 

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